Guest Room Interior Design

Royal Circus

This was a single room project for clients in Edinburgh.   It was a room that they tended not to use very much because, decoratively, it simply didn’t appeal.   The brief was to create a cosy, comfortable, relaxed room incorporating character and colour in which the family could sit and watch TV,  play snooker and spend time with friends.  Because of the location of the snooker table, the seating area needed to be down at the far end of the room and we weren’t able to centralise it around the fireplace as we would usually tend to do, but it still worked well.   The room is north facing so we advised embracing the relative darkness by painting the walls a dark colour.  The scheme was designed around the large painting that they chose to hang in the room, and we used a variety of colours, patterns and textures that all worked harmoniously together to successfully create the look and feel that they sought.

As our client said in her kind testimonial “We are so happy and love using this room now”.

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