Manor Place, Edinburgh

Our clients purchased this 2 bedroom apartment in Edinburgh’s West End as a pied a terre.  They live in the US and were not present for any of the works so we worked remotely with them, fine-tuning details and managed the refurbishment in their absence.

The space required a small amount of reconfiguring in order to increase storage and create a space for a home office.  We took what was a rather wasted room in the centre of the apartment, dividing it into two. One part became wardrobes that are accessible from the bedroom and the remaining part became the home office.   The flooring throughout was replaced with an engineered wood, with a new, much more attractive fireplace installed in the sitting room.

The decorative brief was to create a flat that was calming and pretty, and we were able to have some fun with their little boy’s bedroom, which also serves as a guest bedroom.   I am happy to say that they are delighted with the result.