Georgian Townhouse, Edinburgh

Photos by Exposure

The client brief for this living room was to create an elegant and comfortable room that could be used for entertaining friends, watching TV and reading newspapers. We were blessed to be working with the fabulous Georgian proportions and a collection of contemporary Scottish artwork owned by our client. We felt strongly that the TV shouldn’t be visible so it is hidden inside the custom made mirrored cabinet on the right of the fireplace. The room used to be a strong yellow but this didn’t do the paintings justice, so we opted for a soft blue/grey instead.

The bedroom was to be a calm and tranquil space, both comfortable and luxurious. Our clients wanted a TV in the room so we suggested that it should be concealed behind a framed mirror. Full height wardrobes that ran the length of the room were removed and a dressing room created in what used to be the ensuite bathroom. The bathroom was relocated to what was an office and a doorway created to make it an ensuite.

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Edinburgh Townhouse Bedroom
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The dressing room was created out of what was once a small ensuite bathroom. Two large mirrors were included in the design for both practical and space maximising purposes.